ManageBac is an online portal for communication, planning ( teachers), reports, portfolios, tasks setting and tasks uploading. You have received 2 different logins to access this
1- Parent login – Here you receive all the messages, notices, announcements and tasks)
2-Learner login -This is primarily used for task setting and uploading of the completed tasks by the learners. For our young learners, parents are advised to use the learner login to complete this process.

The tutorial will help you navigate through your login

Task Posting and Feedback Mechanism

For PYP- Other than the daily class work the following extended learning engagements will be sent twice a week MathematicsTuesday ( task turn in by Thursday) UrduThursday– (task turn in by Saturday)

For MYP- Please note that we are approaching the closure of the 1st term hence, the schedule for task may vary accordingly.

All tasks will be posted on ManageBac. All parents who are assisting their children and senior PYP learners are expected to turn in clear images of the tasks or the online formats in reply to the task posted on ManageBac timely.

Feedback of all the tasks( home tasks + class work) posted will be sent on the ManageBacin reply to the turned in task only.

Please Note: The only portal for task submission and receiving of feedback is ManageBac. The same will not be facilitated via emails.
See the tutorial for assistance.

For support contact

Website: www.beaconhousenewlands.net
Call @ 111-111-002
PRO[email protected]
SHM IB-Ms Fakhra Shahid [[email protected]]
– Lubaba Batool [[email protected]]
– Urooj Shahab [[email protected]]

Homeroom teacher

CL-EY (PreNur, Nur & KG): Zara habib [[email protected]]
CL-EP (Class 1 & 2)
: Noshin Ayaz [[email protected]]
CL-UP (Class 3, 4 & 5:
Sana noon [[email protected]]
CL Admin IB(for PYP & MYP):
Zubia Arshad [[email protected]]
Managebac support PYP
:Mahwash Haroon [[email protected]]
Managebac support MYP
: Syeda Fatima Tanveer [[email protected]]