Top-notch Faculty

Our experienced IGCSE qualified staff is dedicated to creating a teaching and learning environment that encourages critical and creative thinking skills and a positive attitude towards learning. They work relentlessly to help every child achieve their potential by making classroom experiences challenging yet enjoyable. Having a learning attitude makes them role models for their students. This environment of learning and collaboration sets Newlands apart from its competitors and sets the tone for meaningful teaching and learning experiences.

Ms. Qindeel Jaffri

English Language, Literature in English

Ms. Aqsa Sultan

Economics and Sociology

Ms. Hannah Tahir

Pakistan Studies- Geography

Ms. Andaleeb Aitzaz


Ms. Anam Manzoor

Business Studies, Sociology

Mr. Ahsan Zafar

Principles of Accounting, Commerce

Ms. Ashaa Naveed

Mathematics IGCSE

Mr. Hafiz Sagheer


Ms. Hajira Faisal


Ms. Maria Shafqat


Ms. Mehrunnisa Chishty

English Language, Literature in English

Ms. Sadia Omer

Pakistan Studies- History

Ms. Suaad Shabbir


Mr. Waheed Mansoor


Ms. Zainab Jamila

Food and Nutrition _ Environmental Management