Our Philosophy

At the Early Years, we believe that the relationships and experiences that children have in the first three years of life have a profound impact on their future as the brain grows 80% during that time. At the Early Years, children are given opportunities to explore, experiment and discover.

Our Aims

To support children and their parents, enabling them to meet the challenges of early childhood
To continue to evolve in order to meet the changing needs of families
To encourage children to problem-solve, think creatively, gain self-esteem and grow to be an independent learner.
To help parents understand and support their children at each stage of development.
It is our firm belief that our young children need opportunities to interact with the environment, to explore and to learn by ‘trying out’ things for themselves. It is essential that children’s early experiences contribute towards building a positive self-image and help children become confident independent individuals. At The Early Years, we provide your child with this opportunity.

Our Staff

We believe that high quality services are provided by high quality staff. At TEY we have highly trained and experienced staff that includes qualified practitioners and a nurse.


The Early Years is a facility custom-built to meet the needs of the growing children while their parents work. The facility has specialized corners and spaces to engage children in stimulating activities. The facility has:

A Nap Room

Kitchen & Dining Area

Reading Area

Music Room

Activities at TEY

  • Art
  • Block Play
  • Free Play
  • Events & Excursions
  • Parent Volunteer Sessions
  • Little Chef
  • Nature Walk
  • Sand an Water
  • Story Time
  • Yoga
  • Music
  • ICT
  • Theme Play

Nutritious Meals

The Early Years provides a nutritionally balanced meal. We offer lunch as well as a morning and afternoon snack.

For more information call: 0321-8398390, 0323-8498681

UAN: (042)-111-111-020 (Ext: 129)