Swimming Pool

At Beaconhouse-Newlands we believe in engaging our students in healthy activities to keep them physically fit and mentally alert. Swimming being one such activity in addition to the gymnasium and the sports complex offers incredible workout and physical exercise. Swimming not only keeps a person fit but also develops high stamina for strenuous and stressful activities. In summers, swimming proves to be very refreshing and fun for students and staff.

Our facilities include a 50′ x 25′ indoor heated swimming pool which is available for students during school hours under the guidance and supervision of professional coaches. Regular swimming classes are part of a weekly timetable. Our pool is kept in excellent running condition throughout the year and is equipped with highest standards of filtration and cleaning systems assuring clean and safe swimming experience to our students. First aid equipment is also readily available. Safety at the swimming pool is of great concern to the our management, for which our professionally trained coaches are always available.