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The cornerstone of our ethos at Newlands is creating a supportive environment where each student can thrive, develop talents and potential, build positive habits, and work towards achieving their goals and aspirations. At Newlands, we take seriously the responsibility for your well-being, and we recognise the impact that your wellness has on your academic performance.

Our Support & Guidance provisions include:

Upon admission to Newlands’ A Level Programme, you will be assigned to a member of the administrative staff who will be your Academic Advisor throughout your two years with us.
An additional layer of support and guidance also comes from the administrative team. They fulfil a key role in your journey, that of trusted advisors who are always available to help. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • Communicating important information related to school procedures and timelines
  • Guiding you regarding study habits, strategies and goal setting
  • Monitoring your academic progress through regular one-to-one review meetings
  • Facilitating early intervention regarding any school-related issues that may arise

They will be your first point of contact in the school, and will be familiar not only with your timetable but also with your challenges and strengths.

What is Pastoral Care?
Pastoral care refers to the arrangements that the school makes to protect students’ physical and emotional well-being. At Newlands, we have set in place policies and procedures to create an environment that supports your intellectual, emotional and physical growth.
To that end, our pastoral care provisions include:

  • Cultivating a feeling of belonging through:
    • team-building events, such as sports events and community service projects
    • peer support programmes, such as Math Mentors
    • a well-planned enrichment programme (Please click here to visit this section of the website)
    • our House System
  • Experienced staff who consistently monitor student well-being from different perspectives
  • Constant communication between teachers, students and administrators
  • Regularly scheduled Parent-Teacher Meetings
  • Promoting good behaviour by setting high standards and expecting students to meet them.
  • Safeguarding against bullying or harassment by monitoring, identifying and responding to suspected cases (Please see the Health & Safety section, linked below)
  • Ensuring that the buildings and grounds are safe and secure through regular inspections and maintenance, and a full security team.
  • A strict no-smoking policy throughout the school, including the gate area

Newlands has an unwavering commitment to providing a positive atmosphere for all members of the school community. (Please see the Health & Safety section, linked below)
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Our Core Values are the beliefs that guide our interactions with each other as we carry out the academic and co-curricular activities of the school.

We believe in:

Respect means that we:

  • recognise the dignity of every member of our community
  • show consideration and good manners toward others
  • listen to the ideas and opinions of others even when we disagree with them
  • take care of our environment, school facilities and grounds

Honesty means that we:

  • will be fair and truthful in all our dealings
  • will neither give nor accept unauthorised help in tests and assignments
  • give credit when we use the words and ideas of others
  • show courage and do the right thing even when it is difficult

Tolerance means that we:

  • will be respectful of people who are different from us
  • will be open-minded to new ideas and opinions
  • will try to understand the other person’s point of view
  • will listen to each other without judgement

Responsibility means that we:

  • are committed to producing our best work
  • own up to our mistakes and accept the consequences of our actions
  • are punctual and attend school every day unless we are sick
  • take ownership of our learning and personal growth

Through these core values, we aim to nurture our young people to become honest, respectful, tolerant and responsible citizens of Pakistan and the world.

A Level students are assigned to a House upon admission to Newlands. Membership is firstly based on family links. If there are none, students are assigned evenly between all four Houses. The benefits of belonging to a House are varied:

  • Developing a sense of camaraderie and identity within the larger school community
  • Broadening student interaction outside of classes and social groups
  • Forging bonds and connections across age levels
  • Creating opportunities for leadership roles
  • Fostering friendly competition and increasing school spirit

Students earn points through House Matches and Assembly performances. At the end of the school year, the House with the most points wins the coveted House Cup. The captainship of each House is traditionally held by a member of staff, but the position of Vice-Captain is open to students who compete for it in a House-wide election at the beginning of Term 1.

Named after historical forts of Pakistan, our House system reinforces the inclusive, supportive ethos that distinguishes our school.
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Expert advice on university admissions is available on campus through The Access Centre, our careers hub. Our Career Counsellor is ready to guide you regarding the important decisions concerning your higher education plans and aspirations. Some of the topics on which our counsellor can advise you include:

  • A Level subject selection
  • Career planning
  • UCAS information
  • Personal Statements
  • Foreign University applications
  • Recommendation letters
  • Scholarships
  • SAT preparation
  • National university admissions

The Access Centre also offers a variety of career related activities, such as:

  • University Information Sessions
  • Career Fairs
  • Internship Workshops
  • Summer School
  • Guest Speakers

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