Sports Complex

The Sports Complex at Beaconhouse-Newlands helps us to achieve our drive towards physical and mental health of our students. This state-of-the-art sports facility, spread over 15 acres, is a safe and serene environment for our students to enjoy. The extended sports facility appeals to older students but is also an excellent example of the PYP theme ‘Sharing the Planet,’ as it provides a perfect backdrop for ecological studies.

With beautiful birds, majestic horses, an organic vegetable farm, free ranging chickens and fruit trees, our students appreciate and enjoy nature at its best. Within school timetable they enjoy visit to the sports complex and participate in the best sports available under the supervision of well-trained and professional staff and coaches.

Our Sports Complex offers the following facilities:

  1. Riding school having 18 horses with paddock and stables
  2. Football ground
  3. Cricket ground
  4. Two dedicated basketball courts
  5. Volley ball court
  6. Tennis court
  7. Athletics (track) 400 meters having eight lanes