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Middle & IGCSE Programme

The curriculum offered from Class IX to XI at Newlands Senior School is designed keeping in mind both the process of meaningful learning and the benchmarks set by the Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE).

Subject selection at the secondary level is crucial in shaping future pathways and creating links between the school, further studies, and career opportunities. Subjects are grouped carefully keeping in mind the emerging interests of students and university requirements both locally and internationally. A meeting with career counselors is ensured prior to the subject selection to ensure students’ aptitude and interest thus enabling them to make sensible career choices. Special need-based support classes are frequently scheduled to help students enhance their academic performance.
Our selected, experienced and IGCSE qualified staff is dedicated to creating a teaching and learning environment that encourages critical and creative thinking and a positive attitude towards learning. They work relentlessly to help every child achieve their potential by making classroom experience challenging yet enjoyable. Having a learning attitude makes them role models for their students, this environment of learning and collaboration sets Newlands apart from its competitors and sets the tone for meaningful teaching and learning experiences.
In addition, the co-curricular programme at Newlands offers a unique spectrum of skill-based clubs and a well-thought-out sports suite, which not only enriches the curriculum but also provides necessary experiences for all students. Following the maxim, “Teaching is learning twice,” our ‘Each One Teach One’, club offers opportunities to our students to deepen their learning by tutoring the custodial staff. This experience also fosters in our students’ empathy and compassion towards the less fortunate.
The Newlands Magnates is a club that develops business management through real-life experiences. The young minds at Newlands get the first-hand experience of dealing with any emergency medical situation in the Rescue 239 club. Where these experiences develop individuals who are problem solvers, creative thinkers, effective communicators, they help students in honing soft skills like compassion, a positive outlook, and resourcefulness.
We welcome you to become a part of an invigorating learning experience that equips learners to be responsible, empowered individuals and helps them optimize their potential.

Subjects Offered (IX – XI)

Compulsory Subjects

Grade 8 Grade 9 IGCSE Grade 10 IGCSE Grade 11 IGCSE
English language & Literature English language English language English language
Urdu Language/ Urdu Support Program Urdu Language Urdu Language Urdu Language
Science Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics
Mathematics Pakistan Studies Pakistan Studies French/Mandarin
History Islamiat Islamiat Optional Subject 1
Geography French/Mandarin French/ Mandarin Optional Subject 2
Islamiat Optional Subject 1 Optional Subject 1 Optional Subject 3
Physical Education Optional Subject 2 Optional Subject 2
Mandarin Optional Subject 3 Optional Subject 3

Optional subjects Group 1

Grade 9 IGCSE Grade 10 IGCSE Grade 11 IGCSE
Biology Biology Biology
Information & Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology Information & Communication Technology
Art & Design Art & Design Art & Design
Food and Nutrition Commerce Physical Education
Commerce Food and Nutrition

Optional subjects Group 2

Grade 9 IGCSE Grade 10 IGCSE Grade 11 IGCSE
Physics Physics Physics
Accounting Accounting Accounting
Sociology Food and Nutrition Sociology
Food and Nutrition Sociology Food and Nutrition
English Literature

Optional subjects Group 3

Grade 9 IGCSE Grade 10 IGCSE Grade 11 IGCSE
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry
Business Studies Business Studies Business Studies
Economics Economics Economics
Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education
Environmental Management Environmental Management Environmental Management

Additional Subjects

Additional Mathematics
English Literature
Art & Design