As an inclusive education school, Newlands celebrates and supports students with diverse learning needs, offering an environment that integrates all types of learners into the mainstream classroom. Newland’s inclusive education approach is based on the fundamental belief that all children of all capabilities have the right to access opportunities for growth, learning and quality education.

Our Learning Support Programme aims to provide resources and services that remove barriers to learning and that support each student to achieve their full potential socially, emotionally and academically, in accordance with their individual learning abilities. In order to achieve this, an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) is developed for each student which acts as a road map for structuring the type and level of learner support that is required. It sets out short-term and long-term goals based on academic, cognitive and behavioural expectations, as well as defines the accommodations or modifications that must be in place to enable the child’s success within the school environment. The Learning support department, led by the Learning Support Coordinator and supported by Resource Teachers, collaborates closely with all other departments and staff members to ensure an inclusive educational experience for all its learners.