Dear Parents/Guardians,
We are all set to welcome our learners back to school on 15th August 2022.
MYP new admissions orientation is scheduled for Friday 12th August. Details will be shared via email.
MYP 1 till MYP 4 orientations for learners and parents will be held in the first working week of the new academic year, final date and time will be communicated in the coming week.
For school routine details please view the MYP Parent Handbook on the school website
Welcome message will be shared with the learners and parents via email and Managebac by Thursday 11th August.
Booklist available on BSU website
For bookpack availability and list of booksellers please visit mybagpack website after 11 August 2022.
Uniforms can be purchased from Uniformers

Welcome Back to School!
MYP Admin

11Aug: welcome message, books available
12Aug: MYP new admission orientation
15Aug: First day of school
15-19Aug: MYP orientation sessions