A Level Scholarship Award Criteria                                                                                    Back to Alevel

Newlands recognises academic achievement and gives out scholarships based on results obtained in the O Level Cambridge Assessment International Examination. Co-curricular and sports scholarships are also available.

Eligibility Requirements

The eligibility requirements and awards for scholarships in A1 are as follows:

8 As
7 As
6 As
5 As
4 As
100% tuition fee waived
75% tuition fee waived
50% tuition fee waived
25% tuition fee waived
20% tuition fee waived

For scholarships in A2, the merit awards are based on results achieved in A1 (AS Cambridge exams only).

Award Process

Scholarships are limited in number.  If the number of applicants is more than the number of scholarships available, the award will be based on the date of admission to Newlands, or in case of a tie, on the relative ranking of the student.

Athletic & Co-curricular Scholarships

Eligibility is based on major achievements in regional and national sports, debates, visual and performing arts.

Financial Aid

A limited number of scholarships based on proven financial need are available to qualified applicants for admission.