Inclusive Education

At Newlands, we provide inclusive education because we believe that every student can contribute to the collaborative learning experiences in the classroom. We tailor our programmes to suit all our students. Those who need more help to succeed, still have the right to be educated, together with others of the same age. Our inclusive education programme recognizes that all children can learn and that teaching must cater to individual strengths and needs, in order for all students to develop their potential.

At Newlands, each special needs student is provided with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) that is tailored to the child’s individual needs both behavioral and academic. Special students may require an SNA (Special Needs Assistant) who focusses on only one student, assisting him or her in covering the IEP objectives while simultaneously fostering appropriate classroom behavior.

Parents are provided with a regular report about their child’s progress. The Special Needs Coordinator assesses the student and accordingly decides how our team can support the student in progressing and making the best use of his or her talents.