The House System at Newlands

Newlands’ Houses – Baltit, Ranikot, Rhotas, Sandeman – are uniquely named after four of Pakistan’s greatest forts, each a large and magnificent stronghold. Strategically located, geography is maximised to ensure that defenders have a substantial advantage over any attackers.

Upon gaining the much coveted Admission to Newlands, each student – and, consequently, each parent – is allocated into one of the four Houses.

House Points are accumulated over the course of the academic year for sports, academic, and other achievements, such as outstanding work, service to the community or exemplary conduct.

Heads of House (Staff) and House Captains (Students) ensure maximum participation, demonstrating true community spirit.
Only 1 house will win the House Cup & Shield – awarded at the end of the academic year, after a culminating and nail biting final competition.

May the best house win!

House Flags