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Welcome to Beaconhouse Newlands.

Welcome to Newlands

Building on its academic excellence, Beaconhouse now proudly introduces Beaconhouse-Newlands. This day boarding school provides students with a new learning experience where technology blends seamlessly into a modern broad-based curriculum, facilitated by fully equipped classrooms and IT suites. Teachers combine quality teaching practices with the increasingly available contemporary education technologies to create a student-centered, flexible and self paced approach to learning.

We believe education is more about learning than about teaching, more about the student than about the teacher. The challenge for leaders and teachers therefore is to allow students to develop own ideas and let them stretch their imaginations, so that they are ready to be innovators and inventors rather than mere improvisers and passive recipients.

Encouraging a student-centered approach at newlands, we expect our students not only to participate actively in class discussions, but to contribute positively towards their own learning outcomes, so that they become partners in the process of learning. We develop 21st century skills in our students by triggering their logical, analytical and critical thinking – essential tools that will make them life-long learners. The teachers’ role is described as “the guide by the side” rather than “the sage on the stage”.

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“Parrmida has become an active learner, the PYP curriculum framework has helped her personality and she has become inquisitive. She wants to learn & experience every single thing. The school and her teachers are very enthusiastic and patient at the same time and supports her on each and every step.”

Mother of Parmida (KG-A)

We are satisfied by our child learning under this program.Because it is encouraging our children to become active, and capacity to participate in the world around them.Its curriculum framework holds an important role as it explain how students learn, how education teach. We feel that the philosophy of the PYP will make out child into Risk takers, knowledgeable and open minded. Beaconhouse Newland is playing a good role by choosing the PYP, BN will be developing our child’s academic and social well beings and strong personal values.

Parents Zaid Imran (5-C)

”Quality work and friendliness is my reason to opt Newlands. School’s perfect learning environment helps grooming your personality not only in academics but in intellectual aspects too. Despite studies, a Newlander possesses all the opportunities to make him a better person everyday. The flexibility of teachers helping the students and classrooms assisting the interactions between students and teachers is quite appreciable. Stepping Newlands makes your learning experience unforgettable! ”


“Studying at Newlands has provided me with numerous platforms to showcase my diverse talents ranging from debates and MUN’s to arts and general curricular activities. Furthermore, being the Head Boy gave me the perfect opportunity to augment my personality to lead and communicate better, which is basically the essence of real education.”


“The combination of day scholars alongside boarders from all over the country was a unique experience that helped us learn a lot about different provincial cultures and blended us with a feeling of togetherness.”


“A famous apocryphal quotation goes “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of Eton”. The authenticity might be questioned by historians but its signification stands: it illustrates the pivotal role that an institution plays in character building of the individual! What I most liked about Newlands was being in the midst of so much energy and intelligence, it was an exhilarating experience and an amazing privilege. It provided us with all the resources we needed to achieve our full potential.”


“Two years of my boarding life at Beaconhouse Newands was filled with immense memories. I wish I could have lived these two years of my life once again, these memories will never fade away throughout my life experiences.”


“Boarding is all about exploring little things which we take for granted and realizing their importance, such as, compromise, value of friendship,being considerate and the concepts of humanity and care. I am completely at a loss how to express my gratitude for the place which became a home to me and contributed a vital part of who I am today.”


“Beaconhouse Newlands boarding life is beyond comprehension, you get to experience some unforgettable moments which are embedded to your heart forever. Accommodation is designed in such a way to give every individual his privacy and comfort. We live like a family always ready to support and help each other in studies as well as socially. Simply mesmerizing!”


“I am a very proud and thankful mother. Newlands’ boarding house contributed to the development of my daughter’s good character. They have definitely put in the effort for this sort of outstanding outputs.”

Mother of Sania

I must appreciate the teaching and learning method followed in the school. My child has become more expressive & confident. Above all, providing individual learning opportunities and taking every single student according to their learning pace is something really appreciated.

Areej Fatima's Mother

“Zainab’s active involvement in her unit of inquiries is evident and as a PYP Learner, she has shown involvement/ deep conceptual understanding as she can make links of her learning in school with real life situation. She has become more inquistive and independant in her behaviour. Thanks to PYP.”

Father of Zainab Manzoor (III-A)

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