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The safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is paramount at Newlands.
If you are considering joining our school, you should be aware of the following rules that apply on campus:

  • Smoking, Vaping & Illegal Substances

Smoking, vaping and possession or use of nicotine products or illegal substances is strictly prohibited on school and boarding premises, including the grounds, gate areas, and car parks; the areas around the school (including the adjacent playground) or while under the authority of the school. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy on these matters: Any student found to have broken these rules will be subject to dismissal from the school.

  • Security

Security guards at the A Level gate routinely inspect bags and backpacks. The school is monitored by security cameras in all areas. Students and staff are expected to comply with security measures for the safety of all.

  • Mobile Phones

A Level students may use mobile phones on campus. However, the school will not take responsibility for loss or damage. Students must refrain from photographing other students or members of staff without their knowledge, and must respect any refusal of consent.

  • Cars

A Level students who drive a car must have a proper permit to do so, which must be submitted to the A Level Administration. Newlands is located in a quiet residential area. All drivers are expected to obey the speed limit and use caution when driving near the school. Students are not allowed to drive motorbikes to school.

  • Sick Bay

The school has a well-equipped Sick Bay, attended by a trained first-aider. Minor accidents and minor illnesses are handled here, and referred to a hospital or doctor if warranted.

  • Safety & Evacuation Drills

Unannounced safety drills take place at least once a term. A Level students are expected to comply quickly with all safety instructions during a drill.

Statement on Bullying

Newlands is a supportive community where students are expected to conduct themselves according to our Core Values of Respect, Honesty, Tolerance and Responsibility.

We believe that every member of our School has the right to learn and work in a positive environment, safeguarded from bullying, harassment or abuse, be it physical, verbal, emotional or electronic.

Our approach to bullying is both proactive and reactive. We focus on building relationships and supporting students in doing the right thing. Bullying is a serious offence that carries serious repercussions in our school, but each incident is handled individually and according to the situation. In response to bullying, we follow these principles:

  • Appropriate supervision is key to preventing bullying.
  • Every member of the school community is responsible for preventing and reporting bullying incidents.
  • Action will be prompt, consistent and appropriate. We will intervene immediately to ensure the wellbeing of our students.
  • All incidents of bullying will be investigated promptly.
  • Every incident and its response will be recorded in a detailed report.
  • Bullying behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated, whether it happens in school or outside of school.
  • Disciplinary actions will be commensurate with the severity of the incident.
  • Counselling and support will be provided to all students involved, both to build resilience and ensure wellbeing, and to encourage responsibility, empathy and better choices.
  • We will monitor and follow up to make sure that bullying does not happen again.

At Newlands, we are committed to ensuring the welfare of our students and staff.