How to go about it?

The Beaconhouse Schooling Uninterrupted

System and procedures are explained below through some FAQs that will help you understand the system and processes for how online learning is organized at Newlands, Lahore.

Managebac- an online portal for parent communication, is a Learning Management system. Communication to and from is through this platform and parents can access their child’s account through login issued at the beginning of the year.
PYP Homeroom teachers/Class teacher for MYP share zoom link and online schedule for all lessons in a class- section. Recorded tutorials and presentations are also available for parents to reinforce learning later at the child’s own pace.

Teachers and learners connect via Zoom link. A weekly overview is sent to the parents via ManageBac at the end of the week, with learning outcomes of each subject and home tasks. Math home tasks are sent mid-week.

Learners’ attendance is marked for each lesson including subject lesson. School maintains a record of both attendance and punctuality in the online classes.

Email addresses provided by parents for ManageBac communication at the start of the session and at the time of admission. Please ensure these are functional and updated. If there’s a change in the email address/es please inform the school by writing an email to ManageBac support team ( email addresses mentioned above) and to the respective CL or teacher with your child’s full name class and section.

Lessons start at 9:30 am (Monday – Friday) EY lesson duration: 30 minutes, PYP 1-5 lesson duration: 40 minutes Lessons per day: 4 Breaks between lessons: 20 minutes.

Online lessons and tutorials are recorded and can be accessed by the parents through the shared drive link. Recording of online lessons, teacher prepared tutorials, relevant assignments are also being shared with parents. Tasks are set with supplementary resources and links to support teacher exposition. These will help parents in supporting their child’s learning.

One parent/adult family member is required to be with the child during the online class. The duration of the EY lessons is shorter. The activities are designed to engage learners through movement, music, audio/visual stories and hands-on activities, using resources available at home.
Early Years learners can benefit from recorded lessons for some core subjects like math or languages.
Please check the weekly hometask sheet to keep track of benchmarks covered for each subject.

You can download the zoom application from the following link.
The app requires an active email address for login.
For Computers:
For Androids: ZOOM Cloud Meetings – Apps on Google Play
For Apple products: ZOOM Cloud Meetings on the App Store (

Learning Uninterrupted sessions are continuing to ensure that learners are connected with their learning.
Tasks are set to achieve class benchmarks, therefore task submission is an evidence of each child’s understanding.
This gives teachers an idea as to where a learner or learners need further support. These are also a form of marking attendance in case a learner has been unable to attend online lessons.

How can I ensure that the online lessons go well for my child?
Online learning is a way of bringing some form of regularity and semblance of routine to an otherwise disrupted schedule of STAYING HOME. We hope that this is seen as an opportunity by the parents of inculcating self-management, time management, and a sense of responsibility in their children. The following essential agreements will support ensuring the above

3- Way Essential agreements Teachers- Learners- Parents for uninterrupted online teaching and learning

Teachers agree to:
1- Be punctual
2- Respond to learner queries & share feedback
3- Send tasks and feedback via Managebac and receive tasks via ManageBac
Learners agree to:
1- Be punctual and regular
2- Keep the cameras on at all times
3- Ask relevant questions and be focused
4- Be mindful of self-management skills e.g. time management when attending
a lesson, working on task and quality and timely submission of assigned work
5- Learn to use digital tools effectively

Parents agree to:
1- Ensure their child’s attendance and punctuality
2- Have the child READY: fresh, changed out of PJs, finished with their breakfast
3- Not interrupt classes by asking questions which are not child/ren led or to be addressed via admin
(Direct all such queries to the respective CL via email or ManageBac)
4- Ensure that the learner is ready with the required resources including a stable internet connection and device
(Ensure help at hand in for technical support (mic, video or internet connectivity and Ensure the camera is facing the learner)
5- Has a quiet corner to attend classes away from distraction and disruptions
6- Avoid interrupting the class or prompting answers

For support contact

Call @ 111-111-002
PRO[email protected]
SHM IB-Ms Fakhra Shahid [[email protected]]
– Lubaba Batool [[email protected]]
– Urooj Shahab [[email protected]]

Homeroom teacher

CL-EY (PreNur, Nur & KG): Zara habib [[email protected]]
CL-EP (Class 1 & 2)
: Noshin Ayaz [[email protected]]
CL-UP (Class 3, 4 & 5:
Sana noon [[email protected]]
CL Admin IB(for PYP & MYP):
Zubia Arshad [[email protected]]
Managebac support PYP
:Mahwash Haroon [[email protected]]
Managebac support MYP
: Syeda Fatima Tanveer [[email protected]]