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Life at Newlands goes far beyond the classroom. Through the Active Creative Engagement (ACE) Programme, you will have the opportunity to develop skills, meet like-minded people, try a new activity or simply have fun and enjoy your A Level experience. Here at Newlands, you will have plenty of opportunities to grow, both personally and academically, in a supportive environment.

Recreation & School Spirit

At Newlands, we know you. That is not just a slogan. We are a tight-knit community of friends, classmates and mentors all working towards the same goal: to be the best. Newlands offers a lively mix of activities that will help you settle in, have fun and become part of the school community.

Sports & Active Lifestyle

Competitive sports are a tradition at Newlands. Our teams, the Markhors, compete at local, regional and national level. Sport is an important part of life at the school, and should you join our programme, you will be expected to choose one sport to practice.

Performing Arts

As an A Level student at Newlands, you will have opportunities to express yourself, from participating in poetry recitals and musical events to showing off your dramatic skills, while gaining confidence and exploring new areas of interest.

Organised Trips

The school organises day and away trips every term. These short trips are a great opportunity to develop relationships and create a spirit of friendship and companionship.

Co-curricular Clubs

Our Co-curricular Clubs programme offers a variety of structured clubs guided by expert coaches. The clubs available to A Level students in 2020 are:

  • Scouting Club
  • Media Club
  • Debates Club
  • Music Club
  • Drama Club

Don’t see a club that you think we should have? You can start your own!

Internships, Guest Speakers & Academic Recognition

Being an A Level student means preparing to shoulder adult responsibilities in the wider world. Newlands offers the exposure you need to gain valuable skills and test your potential. Our annual internship fair, organized by The Access Centre, brings a stellar group of companies and organizations for you to get involved, and our guest speakers share valuable information and inspiring stories.

At Newlands, we value each one of our students and never miss an opportunity to celebrate their achievements.