Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Program offers Beaconhouse Newlands Senior School and A level students the opportunity to enhance their learning experiences by certifying their skills through an international organization.

Student eligibility for the award:

  • 14 years and above: eligible to pursue the Bronze Award
  • 15 years and above: eligible to enroll in the Silver Award
  • 16 years and above: may enroll directly in the Gold Award

Award Components:

The international award will be granted to students for their accomplishments in the following fields:

  • Community service
  • Physical Recreation
  • Skill development
  • Expedition
  • Residential Project (Gold Award only)

How we prepare our students:

  • At Beaconhouse Newlands, our students work around the year to pursue and record their activities in these four areas.
  • Unit Leaders on campus verify these activities.
  • On the completion of verification, students receive their medallions and certificates from the Duke of Edinburgh Award’s representatives in Pakistan.

To learn more about the award programmes: http://www.intaward.org/