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Boarding is at the heart of Newlands’ A Level Programme. We are proud to offer students from all over Pakistan and beyond, the opportunity to receive a first rate education in a safe, nurturing environment.

The Newlands’ Boarding experience provides a comfortable, secure atmosphere where our young people can grow in maturity, independence and confidence, whilst forming enduring friendships and gaining a keen understanding of others.

With almost 40% of A Level students living in our Boarding Houses, we aim to provide a stable, close-knit community that replicates the warmth of a family home and reflects the ethos and Core Values of our school.

Our Boarding School is centred on the following principles:

  • Positive encouragement leads to the development of the whole person: the intellectual, physical, emotional, moral and social character of the individual student.
  • A regulated, well-ordered life allows our young adults to learn patience, perseverance, responsibility and self-reliance.
  • Respect for the rights of others and respect for ourselves is at the core of who we are and aim to be.
  • Aspirational habits lead to academic success.
  • We care for our physical and emotional well-being through regular sport and exercise.
  • We encourage bonds with our fellow boarders, whilst fostering a sense of belonging within the larger school community.
  • We form a supportive partnership with parents, guardians and school and boarding administrators.


Our boarding students share single-gender facilities supervised around-the-clock by trained and experienced staff.

We offer:

  • Comfortable rooms air conditioned in all seasons
  • 24-hour security, first aid and maintenance cover
  • Nutritious meals prepared in-house by a resident chef
  • Internet connectivity throughout the premises
  • LED televisions with cable network in common rooms with CD/ DVD players
  • Generators to guarantee uninterrupted power supply
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Indoor and outdoor sports, with expert coaching
  • Pre-arranged town trips


The Boys’ Boarding House

Located on Badian Road, adjacent to the school’s Sports Complex, the Boys’ Boarding House is set on 15 acres of lush open fields. The facility offers a secluded, serene atmosphere, ideally situated to encourage concentrated study and personal enrichment.

The Girls’ Boarding House

The Girls’ Boarding House offers a secure, comfortable facility, centrally located 7 km away from school in DHA Phase V.


Successful applicants for admission at Newlands’ A Level Programme and IGCSE are eligible to apply for a place in Boarding.  Seats are limited and sought-after, especially for girls. Admission for the academic year beginning September 2021 opens on 18th January 2021.

Boarding Fees

The fees for Boarding are payable in advance at the beginning of every term and are non-refundable. For details, please contact the school’s Parent Relations Officer at