Boarding Facilities

Beaconhouse-Newlands boarding is a home away from home. Boarders follow a highly structured day in which classes, meals, athletics, study times, activities and free time are organized. Residential life is a unique component of the boarding school experience. Being away from home and learning to cope gives a young person confidence and independence. In 2014 the boys boarding shifted to its present location at Bedian Sports Complex. At Bedian we have a total capacity of 100 boarders whereas at girls boarding we are limited to 15 limited places.


The following are ways in which students’ academic performance is supported:

  • Frequent visits of our housemaster and assistant housemasters to the school to meet the teachers.
  • If parents are unable to attend the Parent-Teacher Conference or other meetings, one member of the house staff will meet teachers to discuss the student’s progress.
  • Parents are informed and kept up-to-date about their child’s curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • A complete academic record is kept in the boarder’s file to help in the analysis of results.
  • Daily supervised study times are observed so that each student has ample opportunities to complete his or her homework. If necessary, additional time is also provided, such as during exam times.


Newlands boarding proudly presents one of the best boarding facilities in the country,

  • We are linked to the electricity supply but also have generators and can guarantee uninterrupted power supply.
  • All student rooms are provided with air conditioning that also can heat rooms when needed.
  • Our own maintenance team is available to respond quickly in case of any technical malfunction.
  • A team of well-trained chefs is employed to provide the best meals to our students. Although it is impossible to completely cater to individual tastes, the variety of food and the students’ input in the menu ensure that our boarders experience many appetising meals as part of a balanced diet.
  • Our boarding is equipped with 24/ 7 Wi-Fi. Common rooms have LED TVs with cable network as well as CD/ DVD players to entertain boarders during their leisure times.
  • For emergency care and first aid, a nursing assistant is available 24/ 7 in the infirmary.
  • A range of indoor and outdoor sports is available including horse riding and swimming. Coaches are present to train boarders and help them to excel.
  • Our boarders’ safety and security is one of the top priorities of Beaconhouse Newlands boarding. During town trips boarders are accompanied by armed guards. All students, staff and visitors have to identify themselves at the school and boarding house gates and people and bags are checked.