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1- Register Online
Complete the registration form via our website.
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2- Get in touch
An admissions representative will reach out to you to continue the process, or you can contact us at: [email protected]
3- Submit your documents
You will need to provide your school transcripts and examination results. For a complete list, see our Entry Requirements below.
4- Attend an Interview
You will be invited to attend an interview online, to discuss your academic goals, subject combination and skills and interests. We will also try to get a sense of who you are, to make sure Newlands is the right school for you.
5- What happens next?
After the interview and a review of your results, we will determine if we can offer you a place at Newlands. Sometimes we make an offer right away, and at other times, we wait for the results from Cambridge International. If you receive an offer, you will be invited to our Induction Day. Classes begin in September 2020.

Newlands’ A Level Programme Entry Requirements

In order to evaluate your previous academic performance, we require the following documents:

  • Grade 10 Cambridge Assessment International Examination certificate
  • Internal grade reports issued by your school for Grade 9 and Grade 10. Four reports per year is the standard.
  • Grade 11 internal reports issued by your school, such as monthly assessments, midterm results and if available, mock results.
  • Final Cambridge Assessment International Examination certificates, when available

A successful candidate for admission at Newlands’ A Level Programme will be a student:

  • whose academic record demonstrates a commitment to academic success
  • who has set goals and objectives
  • who is confident and articulate
  • who has a strong foundation in Mathematics and English Language
  • who fits in with the ethos of the school (See the Core Values section of the website)

More specifically, candidates for admission must have a minimum grade of B in the subject they wish to pursue, a minimum grade of B in Mathematics for Pure Sciences and Engineering subjects, and a minimum grade of B in English Language for Liberal Arts and Business subjects.

Throughout the admissions process, applicants are assessed fairly and consistently, and decisions are based strictly on the merits of the application.

Please click here to apply online.