Access Centre

The Beaconhouse Access Centre is the career advising office, one of the many facilities provided to Newlands’ students. It has been established to guide students when choosing their career paths and selecting their universities, both domestic and abroad. Our alumni are currently studying not only at well-established national universities, but also in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Turkey etc.

Two trained advisers are on campus all day to provide comprehensive support to students in the process of streamlining their university choices, preparing for various admission tests, following timelines and meeting deadlines. We open up opportunities for students, not only to explore globally, but also avail the best choices available at home.

Students are supported when applying for colleges, filling out complex application forms, which includes writing college essays and requesting financial aid. We also offer preparatory SAT classes and assist with the registration process required by universities. For those students applying overseas, we offer orientation sessions in which they are prepared for some of the major changes when moving away from home.

Besides admissions, the Access Centre organises the Dynamic Speaker Series, inviting people who excel in their fields to present their ideas and experiences about their chosen career. It provides students the opportunity to broaden their vision and be inspired.

Another highlight of the Access Centre is its SAIP (Social Awareness Internship Programme). Through this programme, students get hands-on experience of working with organizations involved in social sectors such as health, environment and teaching. This not only develops empathy among students for the needs of those less privileged in our society, but also helps them learn skills such as team management and other social skills.

The Access Centre aims to arm our students with the tools needed to succeed in our world full of challenges and opportunities.