Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Date BSS Academic Calendar A Level Senior School Primary PYP
1-8 October 2020 CAIE Oct/Nov exam series
Notes: Key dates for Cambridge IGCSE,
O Level Islamiat,
Pakistan Studies and Urdu
(for schools in Karachi/BSR)
fall between Oct 1-8 2020
O3 as recommended by BSS
07-12 October 2020 Monthly Academic
Progress (MAP) Test 1
4 October 2020
5 October 2020 Teacher’s Day Celebrations
October 2020
12 October 2020 Annual Young Canvas
Notes: BSS National Art contest
Students of Class VIII till A level Students of Class VIII till
A level
October 2020
Dignity Week
October 2020
Socially Distanced Dance Off ‘ 20
October 2020
IB New Admissions Orientation
17 October 2020
19-23 October 2020 October Exams
21 October 2020 Global Dignity Day
Notes: Culminations for all
Global Dignity projects
to be planned around this time
with a special assembly on October 15, 2020
Dignity Day 1- Dignity Day
2- Grade 11 Movie ( Avengers )
in collaboration
with A Levels
Dignity Day
29 October 2020 IKSC 20
26-30 October 2020 Mid Term Break for Students & Teachers
Notes: 9-days break
Half Term Break Half Term Break Half Term Break
30 October 2020 Eid Milad un-Nabi*
Notes: *Subject to moonsighting
Date BSS Academic Calendar A Level Senior School PYP/MYP (IB)
2-13 November 2020 Annual Urdu Week
Notes: One week of activities to be planned within the first two weeks of November, to celebrate our National Language. Please refer to the guiding document at
Yes Yes Yes
2nd week of
November 2020
Ceats 2020 Prize distribution Urdu Week
November 2020
45th BSS birthday
Yes Yes Yes
November 2020
3-way conference
November 2020
Iqbal Day celebrations
Yes Yes
Drop Everything and Read
( English )
November 2020
Monthly Academic Progress (MAP) Test 2

Revision for Mid Terms

November 2020

1-Drop Everything and Write (Urdu )
2-Bake Sale ( Group 1)

November 2020
Christmas Eve.
16-20 November 2020  BISC Quiz competition week (Intra Region & National Rounds)
Notes: These events will be planned with the objective of qualifying for any BISC event is scheduled. Otherwise, they will be considered BSS inter-region events.
Class VIII-O3
Date BSS Academic Calendar A Level Senior School MYP/PYP/TEY
01 December 2020 Online Classes Online classes Online Classes Online Classes
07-18 December 2020  Mid-year exams
Notes: Online/ F2F
All exam classes All exam classes
10 December 2020 TEY (Winter Wonderland Party)
17 December 2020 End of Term Class Party
19 December 2020 
19 December 2020 To 10 January 2021 Winter Break for Students & Teachers Yes Yes Yes
Last Working week of December  Quaid e Azam day Celebration Yes Yes Yes
Date BSS Academic Calendar A Level Senior School Primary PYP
30 July-4  August 2020 Eid ul Azha*
Notes:*Subject to Moonsighting
Yes Yes Yes
5 August 2020 Back to School for teachers Yes Yes Yes
10  August 2020 Back to school for students All classes except new A1 and new Pre-Nursery Yes All classes except new A1 and new Pre-Nursery
11 August 2020 CAIE results
Notes: Distribution/collection process to be worked out by schools with all protocols & SOPs for safety
O & A Level O & A Level
14  August 2020 Independence Day
TBD Face 2 Face Schooling begin
The date will be finalised after the government announcement.
Yes Yes Yes
28-29  August 2020 Ashura*
Notes:*Subject to moonsighting
31 August 2020 New session for A1& Pre-Nur begins A1, new Pre-Nursery* Yes A1, new Pre-Nursery*