About Newlands’ A Level Programme

Newlands is a remarkable school!

Our young adults, embarking on the most important journey of their lives, are not only guided to fulfil their academic potential – but also encouraged to explore possibilities for their personal growth.

Since its inception in 2011, Newlands’ A-Level programme places great emphasis on delivering academic excellence in a supportive, vibrant atmosphere. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of enrichment activities, with a full service sports and co-curricular programme including the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, and a professional Career Counsellor to guide you on your way to university.

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Beaconhouse Newlands 2020-2021

Why choose Newlands A Level?


We provide a challenging academic environment that fosters achievement, led by a team of experienced administrators and expert faculty, in world-class facilities. All with the aim of enabling your success and unlocking your potential.

Here, we nurture the individual whilst building a strong sense of community, by tailoring our academic programmes to your skills and aspirations, celebrating your strengths and supporting you where you need it.

At Newlands, we know you.
Your progress and well-being are our first priority.
At Newlands, the most important element of success is you. Tell us where, in this wide world you want to go, and we will help you get there.

Newlands for me is not just a school but my home, almost 500 kilometres away, from home. The faculty at Newlands have been more than just teachers who have taught me a specific subject, but mentors who have been there, offering all kind of guidance and support possible even during a pandemic. Newlands nurtured me, not just academically but as a person too: it has taught me empathy, leadership and the art of keeping a balance in life. Nothing would sum my experience at Newlands better than the fact that it made living seven hours away from home and going back only once a month, worth the effort.

Romaisa Danyal (A2 2021)

The best part of my experience at Newlands has got to be the open-armed friendliness that this school perpetuates. It has helped me grow from someone who was in a shell to someone who is comfortable and proud to be myself. I recommend Newlands for its friendly atmosphere, relatively small class sizes and easy and direct communication with teachers. I encourage everyone who is thinking of coming to Newlands, to use this opportunity to learn about people and their different cultures. It will help you broaden your view of the world and ultimately make you a well-rounded individual.

Awais Ahmad (A2 2021)

As a student and Head Boy in my final year, I am not only taking away unforgettable memories from my time at Newlands, but also some great learning experiences. Countless opportunities provided by the school made a huge impact on my personality. Playing badminton in the gymnasium, roaming around in the school grounds and cracking jokes with friends, is something that always brings a smile to my face. Listening to songs in front of the cafe or The Learning Tower with my mates was my favourite part. I could not ask for a better two years that were full of enjoyment, but at the same time helped me to reach the next stop in my destination. Thank you Newlands Lahore, for my friends, for the learning atmosphere, the opportunities and everything else.

Jawad Razzaq (A2 2021)

From what I have experienced during my two years at Newlands, I can tell you that it’s a great school. The staff at Newlands is very supportive and the atmosphere is very friendly. This school has one of the best career counselling teams that helps you apply to international universities. My counsellor and teachers guided me through the complex application process and because of their unconditional support, I was accepted by many top universities in the USA, such as the University of California Santa Barbara, the University of California San Diego, Purdue University, and the University of Kansas. In total, I received US$ 854,000 scholarship offers. My experience has been wonderful and I had the best time here. I made many amazing friends, without whom this journey would have been incomplete.

Rimal Irfan (A2 2021)

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