About Newlands’ A Level Programme

Newlands is a remarkable school!

Our young adults, embarking on the most important journey of their lives, are not only guided to fulfill their academic potential – but also encouraged to explore possibilities for their personal growth.

Since its inception in 2011, Newlands’ A Level programme places great emphasis on delivering academic excellence in a supportive, vibrant atmosphere. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of enrichment activities, with a full service sports and co-curricular programme including the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme, and a professional Career Counsellor to guide you on your way to university.

We provide a challenging academic environment that fosters achievement, led by a team of experienced administrators and expert faculty, in world-class facilities. All with the aim of enabling your success and unlocking your potential.

Here, we nurture the individual whilst building a strong sense of community, by tailoring our academic programmes to your skills and aspirations, celebrating your strengths and supporting you where you need it.

At Newlands, we know you.
Your progress and well-being are our first priority.
At Newlands, the most important element of success is you. Tell us where, in this wide world you want to go, and we will help you get there.

“I chose Newlands to do my A Levels because it provides students with the right environment and facilities to work towards our goals in the future.”

Anna Adnan, AS (2019) 

“My journey at Newlands has been amazing. I was lucky to have the best teachers one could ask for who not only shared their knowledge with me but encouraged me to become a better person in every aspect. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve such good results. I will always be thankful to them. I had the opportunity to spend two years at the boarding facility and it was no less than a home to me. I made amazing friends at the boarding house who were indeed a blessing. I am fortunate to have had the opportunity of being a student at Newlands.”

Aiza Islam, A2 2020 

“The red brick buildings of Newlands have been my home away from home for the past two years. From studying the impact of satellites to dissection in biology labs to socializing on campus, Newlands always ensured that its students’ endeavours and discoveries refined their skills. Its faculty speaks volumes of its capabilities. All experiences were unique, from boarding life to the massive campus. Thank you Newlands, for making us better!”

Hamza Irshad Khoso, A2 2020

At Newlands you don’t just learn from an academic point of view, you learn and grow as a person, and that’s all because of the amazing faculty. I started A Levels with an Engineering set of subjects, but halfway through, I decided that it wasn’t the path for me and switched to Law and Business. The teachers did more than was required of them to help me catch up. Throughout my final year, the Senior Mistress, teachers and career counsellors helped me achieve everything I was capable of, and it’s because of their tireless support and faith that I ended up getting several scholarships from universities in the U.S. At Newlands, not only did I achieve academically, but learnt that friendships are for life, and made friends that could better be described as family. Here’s to the place that became a second home, people that became family, and experiences that molded me into the best version of myself.”

M. Azam Khan A2 2020