About Newlands’ A Level Programme

Newlands is a place where young adults embarking on the most important journey of their lives can explore possibilities for growth and development, not only in terms of their future careers but also in terms of who they want to be as people.

Since its inception in 2011, Newlands A Level places great emphasis on delivering academic excellence in a supportive, vibrant atmosphere. We pride ourselves on having a wide range of enrichment activities, with full-service sports and co-curricular programme and a professional Career Counsellor to guide you on your way to university.

We provide a challenging academic environment that fosters achievement, led by a team of experienced administrators and expert faculty, in world-class facilities. All these with the aim of enabling your success and unlocking your potential. Here, we nurture the individual whilst building a strong sense of community, by tailoring our academic programmes to your skills and aspirations, celebrating your strengths and supporting you where you need it.

At Newlands’, we know you. Your progress and well-being are our first priority. At Newlands’ A Level, the most important element of success is you.

Come join the Newlands A Level family.

Tell us where, in this wide, wonderful world you want to go, and we will help you get there.

“I chose Newlands to do my A Levels because it provides students with the right environment and facilities to work towards our goals in the future.”

Anna Adnan, AS (2019)