Campus News - Smog Alert

A Smog Alert is issued when air quality is expected to be poor over a while. In Lahore, Pakistan, smog has become a ‘Fifth Season’. So, Please use Face Mask to prevent the effects of Smog.
Beaconhouse Newlands, Lahore.

Beaconhouse – About Newlands

Building on its academic excellence, Beaconhouse now proudly introduces Beaconhouse-Newlands. This day boarding school provides students with a new learning experience where technology blends seamlessly into a modern broad-based curriculum, facilitated by fully equipped classrooms and IT suites.Teachers combine quality teaching practices with the increasingly available contemporary education technologies to create a student-centered, flexible and self paced approach to learning. We believe education is more about learning than about teaching, more about the student than about the teacher.

The challenge for leaders and teachers therefore is to allow students to develop own ideas and let them stretch their imaginations, so that they are ready to be innovators and inventors rather than mere improvisers and passive recipients.

Encouraging a student-centered approach at newlands, we expect our students not only to participate actively in class discussions, but to contribute positively towards their own learning outcomes, so that they become partners in the process of learning. We develop 21st century skills in our students by triggering their logical, analytical and critical thinking – essential tools that will make them life-long learners. The teachers’ role is described as “the guide by the side” rather than “the sage on the stage”.

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