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“The Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) International Award”

The International Award programme is a great opportunity for Beaconhouse Newlands students to take their co-curricular and holistic learning experience to a new level by certifying their skills through an international body.

Student eligibility for the award

  • Students, 14 years and above are eligible to pursue the Bronze Award
  • Ages 15 and above are eligible to enroll in Silver Award
  • 16 years and above can enroll directly in the Gold Award

Award Components:

The award recognizes accomplishment of our students in the following areas of personal growth and development:

  • Community service Clubs and activities designed to involve our students in community service or to a cause greater than oneself
  • Physical Recreation The pursuit of sports and physical recreation.
  • Skill development Learning of a new skill set or pursuit of a hobby during the multiple club activities at Beaconhouse Newlands.
  • Expedition Pursuit of overnight outdoor education programmes designed to equip our students with ability to explore their natural environment, essential outdoor survival and navigation skills.
  • Residential Project (Gold Award only): This is the fifth component of the Gold level of the award programme. It requires our students to pursue a week long activity or a skill set in a new environment. Students enrolled in this programmes will be required to travel either outside the city or the country to collaborate with other DOE participants and to achieve a new skill set or pursuit of an activity.

How we prepare our students: At Beaconhouse Newlands, our students work throughout the year recording hours spent in these four areas and log it in their activity booklets. Their recorded hours of Skill Development, Expedition, Community Service and Physical Recreation are verified by Unit Leaders present on campus. Once the requirements of the award are complete, the students will receive their medallions and certificates organized by the zonal office of the International Award.

To learn more about the award programmes:

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