Epictetus Admission Information and Fee
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Registration and Admission

The procedure begins with registration which entails entering a child's name on the school register for admission purposes. Registration in itself does not guarantee admission. On payment of PKR 3,000/- the school office will issue a receipt and a registration form for completion by parents/guardian along with a prospectus.

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Admission Fee Rs. 32,000
Security Deposit Rs. 43,000

Monthly fee effective till July 2016.


Tuition Fee
(per month)

Baby and Toddler programme (3 to 36 months)

Rs. 22,510

Pre Nursery to Class I

Rs. 27,420

Class II to V

Rs. 29,350

Class VI

Rs. 28,220

Class VII to XI

Rs. 31,380

A Level - I

Rs. 34,210

A Level - II

Rs. 31,890

Fee for Boarding (Paid in two instalments, Aug & Dec)

Rs. 253,000 (Academic Year)


  • Tuition fee and other charges are payable every two months in advance.
  • Full boarding charges are payable in two instalments in August & December.
  • All charges, standard or optional, are divided over 12 months.
  • All charges will be revised annually
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