Will Durant About Beaconhouse-Newlands, Pakistan
"Education is the transmission of civilization."

Building on its academic excellence, Beaconhouse proudly introduces Beaconhouse-Newlands. This day boarding school provides students with a new learning experience where technology blends seamlessly into a modern broad-based curriculum, facilitated by fully equipped classrooms and IT suites. Teachers combine quality teaching practices with the increasingly available contemporary education technologies to create a student-centred, flexible and self paced approach to learning. Real-time interaction between students of Beaconhouse-Newlands, Pakistan, and Newlands, UK, enables them to participate in projects that stem from mutual interests and address global issues. A 'One term at Newlands, UK' programme is also available.

As part of a well-rounded education, the school offers an extensive extra-curricular programme which includes a range of sporting activities and societies. In addition, remedial teaching and "Homework at School" policies not only allow students quality time with their families but also minimise the need for private tuition. The school prides itself on its inclusive policy for students with special educational needs. An environment of acceptance and encouragement is developed where the ethos is caring and supportive, building on quality relationships between pupils, parents and staff. This new campus will be home to The Access Centre (College Placement and Educational Advising) which will actively facilitate admissions to local and international universities. The underpinnings of our philosophy are based on inculcating in our students the desire to learn how to learn. All these combine to make the Beaconhouse-Newlands experience unique.

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