Co-Curricular Programme

As part of our holistic approach to education, we include a mandatory co-curricular programme for students up to and including O-Level. This programme takes place mostly at the end of the day, four days a week. Generally students participate in two sessions of sports and two sessions of clubs each week.


Our Sports sessions provide children with a great way to finish the school day. These activities are fully inclusive and under the supervision of professional instructors and trainers, who are familiar with issues relating to child protection. This way, your child ends the day with a healthy bout of exercise and fun.

Children get active and have loads of fun with friends taking part in sports activities they love or may not have tried before. We are providing a wide variety of sport and physical activity programmes for students to ensure that every student can maximize their sporting potential and find a sport to enjoy and in which to succeed.

Participation and hosting different Sports Tournaments

Our students participate in various Sports events within our school as well as inter-school competitions. They learn the joy of victory as well as how to cope with the disappointment of defeat.  Some of our successes include the Intra Region Table Tennis Tournament for girls and the best delegation trophy in the Inter-School tournament for A-Level students. We also host several events including the Intra-Region Basketball Tournament in February 2016.

Sports on Campus

  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Athletics
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton
  • Football
  • Swimming
  • Gymnastics
  • Table Tennis

Bedian Sports Complex

In addition to activities at BNL, we also offer the following sports and activities to our students at our Sports Complex.

  • Horse Riding
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics (track)
  • Tennis
  • Handball


The clubs programme at Newlands is designed to provide each child with a holistic education in order to foster the qualities of the ideal learner. Each club is conducted by expert, enthusiastic coaches and introduces hands-on learning to foster the spirit of collaboration and competition.

Primary Programme

Over the course of one academic year, we are offering our students in the Primary Years Programme four different skill sets. We would like our students to have a flavor of a range of skills before they decided what the best fit is for them.

Middle & Senior School Programme

The Middle & Senior programme is designed so that our students have exposure to the myriad skills and are now ready to select the right fit for them from among the skill-based clubs we are offering. In addition, we have incorporated goals into the programme. Our vision for this programme is to encourage our students to drive the curriculum.

Options available to students at different levels at the School:

For Primary Programme Students

  1. Little chefs – Our students will develop their own recipe books, learn table etiquette and assist a professional chef in the kitchen.
  1. Dexter’s Lab – Our students get a head start on applied sciences by doing lab experiments and learning how things work in a fun and creative way.
  1. Gardening – Our students will develop an organic pathway where they will grow vegetables and plants, learn do-it-yourself activities that can be adopted to beautify your garden.
  1. Sur Taal – Our students will apply what they learn in their regular music lessons by adopting various forms of singing and understanding basic rhythm and beats.
  1. Writer’s Guild – A space to encourage our students to think of creative writing in a different way by making connections with their personal interests and exploring their ability to write for themselves outside the class rooms.
  1. Book Worms – Encourages our young learners to develop a habit of reading early on in life. In addition, students engage in discussion about books they enjoy or books they would like to read.
  1. Digital Storytelling – Our students learn the art of developing creative stories in an oral medium and the requisite technologies for translating them into an audio form.
  1. Math and Mind Games – Introduces our young learners to the basics of logical thinking by introducing them to puzzles and games that help enhance their mental math and reasoning abilities.
  1. Rhythmic – Introduces our students to the world of yoga and aerobics. Our students learn to practice Zumba and other healthy activities that encourage an active lifestyle.

For Middle and Secondary School Students

  1. Rescue 239 – Our resident emergency medical services club offers our students the skills to offer first aid and basic trauma response in the event of an emergency.
  1. World’s a Stage – Offer our students the ability to become performers both on stage and in their personal lives by exposing them to confidence-building and acting techniques.
  1. Tech and Design – We are living and learning in a technology-rich world. Our Tech and Design Club introduces our students to basic programming, game development, robotics, digital media and video editing techniques.
  1. Each One Teach One – Our students get the opportunity to give back to the less privileged members of the Newlands community by educating our junior staff. Students become teachers and help the junior staff with language competency and complete their basic matriculation degrees.
  1. Newlands Magnates – Our resident entrepreneurial club offers our students the ability to apply the concepts of business in real life by developing a business plan and setting up their own small enterprise within the school.
  1. Clubs Internship – Our clubs internship programme is designed to encourage our students to learn office work, peer management and generate more student involvement in the running of the clubs programme.

For All Age-Groups

  1. Orators’ Den – Introduces our students to various forms of public speaking that are both appropriate and advanced for their age groups. Our students cover a wide variety of public speaking techniques such as improvisation, declamations, MUNs and parliamentary style.
  1. Art and Craft – Our students can go beyond their regular art curriculum to explore various forms of crafts and 3-dimentional art forms.
  1. Nature’s Hub – This fosters a greater understanding of the natural and human environment in which our students operate and the impact they have on it. Our students learn to be better conservationists of their immediate environment.