Principal’s Message

newland-principalWelcome to Newlands! 

We at Beaconhouse-Newlands take pride in our 21st century international approach, traditions and core values derived from our strong bond with our history and culture. Since we opened in 2011, Beaconhouse Newlands has developed into a safe and friendly school where students, teachers and parents collaborate to provide the best opportunities for education.

Our clear aim and purpose is to provide the best teaching and learning environment in which all our pupils will achieve their very best academically, physically and socially. Beaconhouse-Newlands is a day boarding school. Our youngest students are in “busy bodies” before starting our primary programme from three years of age. Middle school starts with class 6 and O-levels in class 9. Finally, our oldest students take A-levels.

At Beaconhouse-Newlands our students seek for excellence not just a list of good grades. This philosophy is reflected in our mission statement. We are a community of life-long learners and this applies to our students but also to our parents and teachers. We value cultural diversity, compassion and tolerance as they are needed in our increasingly globalised world.

“No man is an island” but no school is an island either. We want Newlands to be at the heart of the local community. Our students should think globally and act locally. This includes opening up our facility to events which benefit the community but can also include building relationships with other schools, directly or remotely. As we believe in a holistic approach to education, we have a vibrant co-curricular programme where students learn and practice skills which are not always covered in the classroom.

Last but not least, we believe in an authentic, inquiry based approach to education. Our students are not empty vessels, waiting for the teacher to hand them the knowledge but active participants in the research process where they learn to distinguish between key concepts and related material which they apply in real-life situations. They influence how knowledge is acquired and assessed which gives them a sense of ownership in the process.

Whilst this website will give you an idea of our stunning campus and the facilities of this young and inspiring school, you are most welcome to visit Beaconhouse-Newlands and experience our very positive, purposeful and energetic learning community.

Minka Peeters Weem